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Don't take our word for it, see what critics have said about recent Ghent Playhouse productions.

Peter Bergman

Berkshire Bright Focus


"The physical production for this play is brilliant and straightforward and with this company of players makes for a very quick hour and a half of comic-drama, for there are laughs abounding as there should be in an Irish play.""Aaron Holbritter has kept this play static, allowing each actor his turn and providing an easy visual of humanity listening and responding while drinking more and more alcohol.""Let your curiosity get the best of you and step out to the local for a dose of late 20th century Irish reality."

– The Weir


"The basic story is familiar and easy. It is the retelling that this company does with political and sexual innuendo, cross-dressing, gender confusion and Walt Disney visuals that makes the difference."

– Snow White


"At the Ghent Playhouse you are always aware that you are at live theater....  There is a beautifully raw experience at hand and it's wonderful."

- Little Shop of Horrors


"If you like classic musical theater, then this is the show for you”

- Jerry's GIrls


"...a very talented cast is giving this play exactly what it demands: talent and understanding tempered with camaraderie and overseen/directed with an open heart and a knack for timing."

- Rabbit Hole


"spend two hours in this practically perfect peach of a playhouse performance.  I'd see it again if I could." - Panto


"I am thrilled with the newness of this play in Ghent, the excitement of discovery." - Heroes

Marsden Epworth

The Lakeville Journal


"This is one charming, witty, slightly smutty and irreverent production with clever songs and totally unrepressed acting. "
– Snow White


"The acting is fine and the direction by John Trainor is sharp and sometimes underplayed, which is a good thing." - Rabbit Hole


"everything a play about greed and grime should be: It’s massively entertaining." - Other People's Money


"Timely.  a powerful play about inequity, power and survival."  

John Paul Keeler

Hudson Register Star


"One of the best casts Ghent has yet produced"


"This is a show just right for a winter's night"


"the fine performance was what one can expect from the Ghent Players."

Marion Hunter

Columbia Paper


"Impact of Weir is net positive" "It's a good set at the Ghent Playhouse, down to its upholstered chair, an item that could be at home in a Brooklyn brownstone." "Thank you director, Aaron Holbritter"

- The Weir


" know you've struck it rich with (Ghent) Playhouse casting."

- Rabbit Hole

Gail Burns

Berkshire on Stage


"one of the best holiday experiences available." - Panto


"I laughed, I hissed, I booed and had all the panto fun I was craving."  - Panto




Peter Bergman

The Chatham Courier


"a light evening of enjoyable theater." "One of Noel Coward's funniest" - Fallen Angels


"This is an entertainment that one should run to, even more than once if possible. I loved it and I think you will too."  – Panto


"The production here can only be called wonderful. You are in for a rare treat, it is very, very good."


"To see performances of such complexity makes this a go-to show.  So -- go to it." - My Cousin Rachel


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