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When you support The Ghent Playhouse, you support community

As the premier community theater in the region, our primary purpose is to create the highest quality productions we can deliver for our community.  The actors,  directors, and everything you see on our stage and around the theater is all thanks to the talent and support of our local volunteers. 

The Playhouse is currently Fundraising toward restoring the outside of the historic building - learn more about the Ghent Playhouse Restoration Fund HERE

For over 48 years community support has enabled us to grow The Ghent Playhouse into an award winning theater and create diverse quality productions with our community year after year.

It takes financial support to keep live theater in our community alive.Make your gift today and take pride in supporting the community gem that is The Ghent Playhouse.

Snow White 2015-16 Mauer,McCarthy, Lee-Visscher, Murphy, Meier, Coviello_edited.jpg


Our Top Ten

Wish List


Shelves / shelving units

Paint / Spray Paint

Paint Brushes & Rollers

Nails / Screws / Staples

Masking tape (all sizes)

Photo Copier Paper


Office Supplies

Cleaning Supplies


Please contact

if you are able to

donate any of

these items.

Thank you!

Donate by Credit Card

Donate by Mail

Send your check (made payable to The Ghent Playhouse)


The Ghent Playhouse 

PO Box 64

Ghent NY 12075


Contact our office





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