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OCTOBER 21, 2016


The Ghent Playhouse announces AUDITIONS for Once Upon a Mattress – Music by Mary Rodgers, Lyrics by Marshall Barer and Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer and Dean Fuller, Directed by Teri Conte.


Tuesday and Wednesday, November 1 & 2, 2016

at 7:00 p.m.

Auditions Begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Ghent Playhouse

6 Town Hall Place (off Route 66) in Ghent, New York

Possible call backs on Friday, November 4th at 7:00 pm. 


SYNOPSIS:  Musical Comedy. Due to an unhappy curse, King Sextimus is unable to speak. Meanwhile, his terror-of-a-wife, Queen Aggravain, has taken over control of the kingdom. Most importantly, to keep Prince Dauntless single, she has decreed that only the princess that can pass her test may marry her son. Further, no one else in the kingdom may marry until Prince Dauntless does. Lady Larken and Sir Harry are extremely disturbed by this fact since Lady Larken is now pregnant with Sir Harry's baby. Luckily, Sir Harry is able to find an amazing princess, Winnifred the Woebegone. She instantly catches the attention of Prince Dauntless, and in the end, is able to pass the Queen's supposedly impassable sensitivity test. When the Queen still tries to prevent the Prince Dauntless from marrying, he tells her to 'shut up' which ends up breaking the curse on the king. Now able to speak, King Sextimus regains his rightful position as leader of the kingdom, and all is well.



Princess Winnifred the Woebegone, Female Lead, Mezzo-Soprano, High C#/Db5 Low A3 age 18 - 30

Prince Dauntless, Male, Lead, Baritone, High E4 Low A3 age 18 - 30

Queen Aggravain, Female, Lead, Alto, High B4 Low A3 Age 40+

Jester, Male, Supporting, Tenor, High G#4/Ab4 Low C#3/Db3 Age Open

Minstrel, Male Supporting, Tenor, High G#4/Ab4 Low D3 (knowledge of lute playing, or similar string instrument, a bonus) Age Open

Wizard, Male, Supporting, Baritone, High G3 Low A2(knowledge of magic tricks a bonus) Age 40+

King Sextimus the Silent, Male, Supporting, Silent (Are you good at charades, this part might be just right for you) Age 40+

Lady Larken, Female, Supporting, Soprano High G#5/Ab5 Low C#4/Db4 age 18 - 30

Sir Harry, Male, Supporting, Tenor High G4 Low C3 age 18 - 30

Male/Female, Featured:

Kitchen Wench, Lady Lucille, Lady Mabelle, Lady Merril, Lady Rowena, Princess No. 12,

Sir Studley

Ladies-in-waiting, Knights, Soldiers, Servants, Musicians


Audition Pieces – Songs from the show are listed or you can substitute a song of your choice in a similar range, prepare at least 16 Bars and bring sheet music. If you would like a copy of any of the music below, email your request to subject: Mattress


Princess Winnifred the Woebegone: Shy, The Swamps of Home or Happily Ever After

Prince Dauntless: Song of Love

Queen Aggravain: Sensitivity

Jester, Wizzard: The Mintrel, The Jester and I

Minstrel: Many Moons Ago (bring your stringed instrument)

Lady Larken, Sir Harry: In a Little While

Opening for a Princess

Kitchen Wench, Lady Lucille, Lady Mabelle, Lady Merril, Lady Rowena, Princess No. 12,

Sir Studley, Ladies-in-waiting, Knights, Soldiers, Servants, Musicians


The audition will include dance steps. Possible call backs on Friday, November 4th at 7:00 pm.  Please be prompt for auditions and ready with your list of conflicts.  The director is looking for mixed age groups.  If you are younger than the age-ranges listed, but feel that you can portray older/younger than you are please don’t hesitate to audition.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION contact the director at (518) 392-5445

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