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March 7, 2016


The Ghent Playhouse announces auditions for its final production

of the 2015-2016 theater season, Moliere’s THE IMAGINARY INVALID,

newly adapted and directed by Barbara Leavell Smith. 


Auditions:  Sunday and Monday, March 20 and 21, 2016

                    Sign-in at 7:00 p.m. – Auditions will begin at 7:30 p.m.


                   THE GHENT PLAYHOUSE

                   6 Townhall Place (off of Route 66)

                   Ghent, New York  


Rehearsals:  The rehearsal schedule will be put together based on the availability of  those chosen for the production.  We request that those interested in auditioning be as specific as possible in listing any conflicts.  


Production Dates:   May 20 – June 5, 2016

                                Fridays and Saturdays – 8:00 p.m.                  

                                Sundays – 2:00 p.m.


Casting Information:  A cast of 8 men and 4 women are needed for this production.  Those auditioning will be asked to read specific scenes.  Please see the story and character descriptions below for more information about the production.


The Story:  In this satirical French farce, a rich man and severe hypochondriac named Argan, intends to marry his eldest daughter, Angelique, off to a young physician in hopes that he may continue to be treated for his maladies at no cost   Angelique, however is in love with another man and refuses to follow her father’s orders.  Offering another alternative, Argan then gives his daughter four days to consent to becoming a nun.  As things continue, Cleante, Angelique’s true love, along with Argan’s housekeeper and brother, Berald, all set out to change Argan’s mind.   Eventually, Argan is pursuaded, after discovering the meaning of true love, when he learns that his wife has only married him for his money,  and that it Angelique who loves him honestly and unconditionally.  


The Characters:


Argan (male, 45–70) A self-centered monomaniac, obsessed with his maladies and his doctors, genuinely loving of his two daughters and duped by his gold-digging second wife.  A loveable, gullible, headstrong old fool.


Toinette (female, 35-65)  Argan’s servant, devoted, witty, sassy, spirited, and imaginative, who sees through him, but has his best interests at heart.  Physically agile.


Angelique (female, 16-35)  Argan’s eldest daughter; devoted to her father, but madly in love with Cleante.  Sweet, but very smart and assertive; quite a feminist for her day.


Beralde (male, 45-70)  Argan’s brother.  The ideal Frenchman; witty, wordly, courteous and wise.  Not at all dull.  A loving brother and uncle who tries, always with a

delightfully light touch, to bring reason to bear.  At times, the voice of Moliere. 


Beline (female, 45-65)  Argan’s second wife.  Very attractive and well-dressed.  A gold-digger, clever and deceitful, and a wicked stepmother to Argan’s two daughters.


Thomas Diafoirus (male, 18-40)  A medical student to whom Argan has given the hand of his daughter, Angelique.  Not too bright, pretty slow, but full of big words and extravagant ideas.


Monsieur/Madame Diafoirus (male or female, 45-65)  Pretentious parent of Thomas.    Focused on putting Thomas in good light.


Cleante (male, 18-40)  Madly in love with Angelique.  A handsome, passionate, well-mannered young hero.


Monsieur Purgon (male 40-70)  Argan’s doctor.  An enormous, more than self-confident priest of the medical profession.


Additional Smaller Roles:


The Notary (male, 45-65)  A weird character, full of himself and his profession.  “Intimate friend” of Argan’s wife, Beline.


Monsieur Fleurant (male, 35-65)  Argan’s apothecary, who arrives determined to give him a “lavage” (enema) prescribed by Monsieur Purgon.


Louison (female, 8-20)  Argan’s youngest daughter.  Bright, imaginative, loving, clever and mischievious.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, you may contact the director at (518) 283-4970.

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