Dear Friends,


For the past 47 years the Ghent Playhouse has proudly served as Columbia County’s premier community theater, and while the road to Season 47 has not been an easy one, and our future, and that of other small community theaters remains extremely uncertain, we are still hoping to be able to reopen some time in 2021.


The Ghent Playhouse is a strong organization with a dedicated following.  We are one of the very few community theaters of its caliber in our region that can honestly say that everything you see, both inside and outside of our treasured historic building, is created and provided by volunteers – a true testament to what community can do!


Frankly, the COVID-19 pandemic has been, by far, the worst hardship the Ghent Playhouse has faced to date.  When it struck our area in March, we were forced to close our doors suddenly, mid-season.  This unexpected shutdown placed a heavy burden on our organization’s finances.  It is the Board’s goal, at this time, to try to recover our losses.


In addition to expenditures related to each of our productions, payments to cover insurances, building maintenance, utilities, etc. must continue to be made, whether or not our theater is running at full operating level.


For arts organizations like the Ghent Playhouse, the financial impact of having to cancel a year of theater is significant, and that is why we are counting on your support with our “Raise the Curtain” Fund, to help us recover and successfully reopen in 2021.


Thank you for ensuring the sustainability of the Ghent Playhouse.  





Sam Reilly, Cathy Lee-Visscher, Kelly Mackerer, Linda Murawski, Vivian Wachsberger, Randi Lant and Mark Schane-Lydon