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Your donation provides vital support for the Playhouse to continue its mission and is tax deductible as allowed by law.


As a Member you will receive a discount to all performances and your name will be listed in each show’s program.



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Individual Member Level                            

Donation  $30                           

1 discount ticket/show                        



Couple Member Level                               

Donation  $50                          

1 discount ticket/show  


Family Member Level                               

Donation  $75                           

3 discount tickets/show  


Silver Member Level                                

Donation  $100                          

4 discount tickets/show                    

1 Free ticket for 1 show

Gold Member Level                                

Donation  $250                           

4 discount tickets/show                     

2 Free tickets for 2 shows

Platinum Member Level                          

Donation  $500                            

4 discount tickets/show                   

2 Free tickets for all shows

Sponsor Member Level                          

Donation  $1,000                         

4 discount tickets/show                  

4 Free tickets for all shows








Send your completed application and check (made payable to The Ghent Playhouse) to:

The Ghent Playhouse 

PO Box 64

Ghent NY 12075